Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tuesday's Talk - Never Pay Full Price For Anything!

I wanted to take each of my Top 10 Money Saving Tips and elaborate further for your information. Please feel free to comment with any of your ideas or tips too.

I make it a rule to never pay full price for anything unless I have to. I just hate to buy necessities that I can't buy on sale or with a coupon, because I am always getting such great discounts! There does tend to be a few things, like bread, milk, and toilet paper, that I may have to purchase, because I just couldn't stock up enough to keep us going.

Milk for instance, was on sale this last week for $2.09 a gallon at Piggly Wiggly, so I bought 4 gallons. Now, my husband and kids take the hint, see all the milk in the extra fridge and they start really drinking a lot of milk. Bottom line, they all love milk and drink a lot of it, so I don't think that I could keep enough in the fridge to feed the needs. I just plain am faced with purchasing it all the time. Same with bread.

For some reason, I have not found many good deals on TP in our area, so I have been forced to purchase it at a much higher price than I'd like to.

You might be asking, how I do it? Well, I actually shop pretty exclusively off the sale ads from Piggly Wiggly and Walgreen's. Occasionally, I will also use really good coupons at Festival Foods if I am going to town for another reason. Anything else, I will have Wal-mart match. When the item is on sale, and I can match up coupons to stack on the purchase, I try to stock-up as much as possible. My stock pile does vary a little with what is there, but there are some usual items I will always stock up on, like canned beans and Cream of Mushroom soup.

The next point I will talk about next Tuesday comes from this point also, I plan my menus according to what is on sale. So, if canned beans are on sale, we may have chili or taco soup for one of our meals that week. More on this next Tuesday. Please feel free to comment or contact me with any questions you may have.

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