Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Tuesday's Talk - Top 10 Money Saving Tips

I am going to list my TOP 10 list of Money Saving Tips. In further Tuesday's Talks, I will elaborate on some of the points more. Please feel free to comment on this and ask questions, and I will answer them in further posts.
  1. Never pay full price for anything.
  2. Make a list or plan for every shopping trip!
  3. Never pay money for something you won’t use.
  4. Do your research - know what coupons each store takes & their rules for stacking coupons.
  5. Plan your menus around sales.
  6. Know where to find coupons in your area.
  7. Know the good blogs that list weekly sales & deals!
  8. Buy only in season produce.
  9. Consider making things yourself - mixes, breads, clothes, curtains, etc.
  10. Stock up when an item is on sale or free.

So, there it is - my top 10! Hope this helps. Let me know what you want more details on in the future!

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