Monday, May 18, 2009

FREE Ice Cream - May 30th!!

I apologize for not updating this recently, but I have been really busy with getting ready for the camping season & haven't done too much shopping lately! I also have been harvesting Rhubarb and making jelly, cake & crisps!! Yummy! Can I say how wonderful Rhubarb is?? It takes almost no care once you have it established in the yard, and you get oodles in the spring. Any extras, we cut up and package for the freezer in 4 Cup bags and Voila! We have Rhubarb treats year round!!

The other gem- zucchini! My husband cleaned the freezer the other day and found 15 bags of zucchini in there, so we have been making baked goods with that! I found a wonderful local organic farm Old Oak Family Farms in Bangor (actually closer to Sparta than Bangor in my opinion, just off Hwy 16 across from the the Rockland exit). They have wonderful recipes on their site: . We tried their zucchini chocolate chip cookies & loved them. You can see the zucchini, but not taste them!!

Anyway - onto the FREE Ice Cream - Wal-mart will be giving out full serving size ice cream on May 30th. Unfortunately, Sparta Wal-mart won't be doing it, but Onalaska & Tomah will both be doing it at their stores from 11 am - 4pm.

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