Monday, September 28, 2009

Host Gift

My kids went on a trip with Grandma to visit their Uncle and young cousins this last week, and I wanted to send a gift along to them. So, we decided to make homemade play dough for the kids (blue for boys!). Here my dear one is mixing in the color for me! Here's the recipe I used: I used the Kool-Aid play dough with food coloring. We then wrapped the dough in wax paper, tied with raffia and a cookie cutter, along with a homemade tag.
Then we put it in a basket with 3 different kinds of our homemade jelly this year! The material is actually a vintage piece of material that was in my Grandmother scrap bag that I've been hording. I think it must be from the 70's or so. I just surged around a rectangle of it to put in there.

Everything is homemade and done with care, so I think that makes it all the more special. I hope it was appreciated on the other end!

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