Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I Have A Teenager!

I'm new to making my own cards, because I figure most people throw them away, but Creative Memories has been promoting card making products more and more, so I have been trying to get into doing them for my own family. What I have found, is that by making my own cards, I save money, because I have the supplies on hand, and can use scraps to make them!

This is the card I made for my new teenager's birthday today - it is sideways, but the top half is a perforated coupon that says "Good for a day of Golf with a Gun." My husband is taking my son for a clay shooting day for a celebration. Here are the directions on how to make it: I just love all the new projects that the company is putting on my website in the project center - You can tear off the end and use it like a coupon!

For my son's birthday, we made him a meal of his choice. We have shying away from throwing the big birthday bashes and moving to just a family event and a special outing for the birthday child. Last month, I took my daughter for a day at the mall and lunch out. Ultimately, it's just what my daughter loves and it's a lot cheaper than having the big birthday bashes.
Believe it or not, my son wanted frozen pizzas for his meal and he couldn't decide on a cake. (I never bake cakes because I don't really like to, so he didn't have much to draw on.) Fortunately for me, Piggly Wiggly had the pizzas on sale (see my past post on this) and I even got free soda to go with. For the cake, I had swayed him to pumpkin bars, but then had a great thinking moment and realized that I had several bags of carrots on hand because they were only $.69! I had also picked up cream cheese at $.99, so it worked perfectly to make carrot cake.
Now, I have never made carrot cake because I thought it would be too many steps. In actuality, it was easier than my pumpkin bars and much more tasty!! You can see above the mix with the carrots all chopped up (I used my Kitchen Aid for that, too.). I found the 1 lb. bag of baby carrots made a generous 3 cups of shredded carrots, which is what the recipe called for. Aside from carrots, flour, sugar, baking powder, baking soda, cinnamon, eggs and oil, it was really simple! While it cooled, I made the cream cheese frosting!

So - here it is all done - yummy! It only cost around $2 to make the whole cake (I'm not adding up flour and eggs and things on hand), and it sure beats the taste of the store-bought cakes! It's not quite as fancy, but hey, nobody was complaining while they cleaned their plates! I figured I at least saved $18 on a cake!

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