Sunday, September 13, 2009

Piggly Wiggly Won't Take Internet Coupons!!!

OK - Sparta Piggly Wiggly is NOT taking Internet Coupons (IC), even though their ad in the paper said they do last week!!! I am asking that anyone that does shop there to comment/question the management when you shop!

The shift manager gave me the reason that there are too many counterfeits out there and it was costing them too much money. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I've never known them to even take IC! I've talked to the managers at Walgreen's, and they report that they have never had an issue. It seems to me, that Walgreen's management would know about fraud IC, since they actually take them! I am going to be real cautious to only purchase coupon items from PW from now on. I don't agree with their policy on IC and wish they would accept them as they advertise that they do!

I think that the only way that they will change their ways, is if we start to complain and take our business elsewhere. It saddens me that I must advise you in this way, as I prefer to give my purchases to Monroe County and keep it in our community, but it seems that PW isn't interested in our needs. I will keep you posted on this. I plan to talk to the manager or owner myself. I told the shift manager that I would be letting people know my dissatisfaction through my blog! Help me spread the word!

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