Wednesday, October 7, 2009

My Office Redo On a Budget

Here is my before picture of my new office formerly known as my daughters' room!
I wanted to show you the progress on the decorating of my office/craft room. We have finally gotten all of our kids moved into their bedrooms in the basement (don't feel sorry for them, my daughters have a dream walk-in closet!), so I have gained my daughters old bedroom as my office and craft room! I feel so spoiled, but I can't think straight in it because it was not what I wanted.

I really wanted to have the room in Robin's egg blue with chocolate brown accents, and was even ready to get the gallon of paint with my birthday money, when I decided that maybe it wasn't so bad for color if the stencils were gone. Now, to my defense, this was the first time I actually got to decorate a bedroom for any of my kids, so I went crazy with the girly things. Just so you know, my daughter still chose pink for her new room!

Anyway, I've held onto the stencil for so long, because I spent hours creating it!!! I don't think I'll ever do one again. So my ah-ha moment came the other day, when I realized that I still had about a half gallon of the two colors of paint left in the basement! I decided to just paint the trim and butterflies off the walls!

Voila! Here are the results:

I am actually quite pleased with the results, and it was free!! I guess I realized that although I had dream colors in mind, sometimes it is very satisfying to take the more economic way through the project. So, the colors are still pastel like Robin's Egg blue, but it's in pink and purple. Actually the lavender is more on the blue side...I even thought about doing the pink walls in the blue, but was afraid I would run out and end up buying that color of paint again (instead of the blue I really wanted!). I will be posting more soon on the budget friendly window covers!!! I can't wait!


  1. Ah, the magic of paint...and free paint is even better! Looking forward to the whole transformation :o)
    peace, cindy

  2. Smart thinking! And it's not a bad color... you are right:) Way to go!


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