Monday, October 12, 2009

Roman Shades from Mini-Blinds and Window Mis-Treatment

I absolutely loved the idea of making window treatments from mini blinds that were featured here.  This summer I sewed Roman Shades for our 1963 Airstream Red (see my other blog here)  So, when I thought about being able to get the same effect cheaper and quicker than my Airstream Roman shades (I spent no less than 6 hours per shade to make 2 in the Airstream, sewing on all the rings by hand!)  I was all on board for a good try.

It was extremely difficult to cut the first strings out of the mini-blinds, but once I convinced myself that I was only losing $3.50, I decided that it was worth the effort.  I had to send my dear hubby out of the room, because he was starting to have an anxiety attack about my project.  Just a few notes about the expense of this project.  We have mini-blinds on all the windows throughout the house, so I chose the most raggedy ones for my windows in my office.  (This is part two of my office redo on a budget.)  I bought the fabric on the ends table at Hancock Fabrick's and had a Preferred Customer Coupon for 50% off one item.  The material was originally $16/yard, but I paid $4 a yard for 3 1/2 yards total.  So it cost me $16 for the material.  The fabric glue was a little more stiff at $6 for a small jar, but I will be watching for that stuff to be cheaper, now.  I would love to own stock in it!!  Those were the only costs that I incurred, but would highly suggest getting the mini blinds for $3.50 at Wal-mart for this project.  If you went with cheaper fabric, you could save some more money, but really, I was able to do this whole project for under $20 for the Roman Shades!

Honestly, I was done with each of the shades in under 1 hour!  My husband was out of his pain very quickly and he even compliments me on how great they look when he comes home at night.  I do have to say that I'm not completely satisfied with the mechanism of the blinds going up and down, but they seem to get better with use.  I think that may be the nature of mini blinds anyway, which is why they always break!

Here are the pictures of them up and down!  I am so excited about this new addition to my office, especially after I was so set in having different colors, but had decided to stick to the less expensive route!
Now on to my Window Mistreatment!  I have my own reservations about Not sewing things, since I was raised by a seamstress, but really like the quickness of getting my projects done and the fact that I can reuse the fabrick later for a different project!  If you would like more ideas for Window Mistreatments, please go to the Nesting Place for more wonderful ideas!  This material I purchased two years ago to use for a llama costume at the fair (yes you read correctly - llama).  The llama used this to be the Statue of Liberty, while my hubby was Uncle Sam.  This year, my daughter used the Statue of Liberty costume and the llama used the Uncle Sam costume, so this material has really seen some use.  For the tie-backs, I used some crystal fringe that I found in the clearance of Hancock for  $1.60 a yard and used less than a yard here!  Can you believe they actually had trim for 70% off?  I was salivating, but my hubby was already being challenged with tolerating my shopping there.  I didn't think he'd find it humerous for me to buy several different kinds!

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  1. I LOVE that idea for the Roman shades! I may borrow this idea for our master bathroom! I REALLY like the "mistreatments!"

  2. Wait, did I not finish my comment. Sigh. Great idea and they look great! I used the same tutorial last week. I love the shades.

  3. Those came out great, love the fabric! I may have to copy this idea.....thanks for sharing.

  4. Quite cute! Very nice job on the roman shade.

  5. Really great idea!! I am always on the lookout for inexpensive window treatments!! Fantastic!
    ~Andy @ Poppies @ Play

  6. I love the shades. The fabric is gorgeous. Thanks for sharing.


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