Wednesday, December 2, 2009

O' Christmas Tree

I was really worried about putting pictures of my tree up for all you great, creative bloggers to see.  I'm quite the perfectionist about the tree (Ok - that's a whole therapy session in itself thanks to my wonderful family!)  Anyway, after veiwing some others, I decided that many look fabulous, but most are just like me, just enjoying family traditions.  So here are my pictures of our tree this year.  

We have  favorite place to chop the tree down that has tall skinny trees and love the fact that we can get it to touch the 10 foot ceiling without it taking up the entire living room!
One of my favorite ornaments of the kids' are these great handpainted llama ornaments.  A couple of years ago, the kids were given these as a prize at the fair for showing their llamas!  I think they are wonderful and sure beat getting tack!

These two are my favorite older ornaments.  The front one is a glass trumpet with "Peace On Earth" on it.  When I was in college, my Grandfather proudly got this by purchasing something from Robert Schuller.  He was so proud of it (he didn't really doing the shopping  at all, so was strange that he got so excited about it.)  Of course, now it means so much more since he has been gone for so many years.  I majored on trumpet in college so the back, glass ornament with instruments hanging off of it was the first ornament I ever purchase of my own in college.
This is my very favorite and most precious ornament, and it's going to fall apart soon.  My Mom got us a handpainted ornament for our wedding with our dates on it.  The paint is starting to flake off.  It is always placed at the top of the tree so the kiddos can't break it.  I had to get my longer lense out to catch it on my camera.
Finally, do you remember my fall basket that was given to me by my Mom?  Well here it is holding gifts under the tree.  Yes, if you were wondering, we are pretty much done with our shopping!  We do it all on Black Friday for the kids and my family exchanges gifts over Thanksgiving, so they have to be done by then!  Nice to not have the stress!  We enjoy taunting the kids for the entire season and it's gets their excitement even more than usual!


  1. what a beautiful tree, love your wedding ornament :D

    don't your kids try and sneak a peak at their presents????

  2. Kids are not allowed to sneak peaks or touch the presents. If they do, the lose them! Sounds mean, but so far we haven't had a problem. If they complain about it we offer to return their presents.

  3. I love that wedding ornament...what a special gift! And the story of your grandfather's is precious.

  4. Love the bushel basket to hold the smaller gifts in. Your tree is lovely.

  5. Love your tall thin tree. Makes me envious. Sigh. The bushel basket is a clever idea. Thanks for sharing.

  6. You have some great ornaments. I love "real" trees that have ornaments hanging on them that really mean something. The hand painted llama ornaments are great and I can see why they're a favorite.


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