Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Wellness Rice Bags & Boo Boo Bags

Ok - so I meant to share these before Christmas, but the holiday really got away from me.  I do think they are really cute, and we have been getting a lot of use out of these rice bags and boo boo bags that I made for everyone for Christmas presents.  I got the step-by-step directions here.  The directions were so simple that, I think that anyone with a machine could make them!  The truck material ones are the Boo Boo bags that I made for the families with kids.  They are made from barley and peppermint scent.  They can be kept in the freezer for those upcoming boo-boos for kids.  For the families with adults, I said they were wellness cold packs.  For the people without kids, I made the cold packs coordinating.Here are the rice bags.  The expense was really nominal,  I bought two soap fragrances for about $4 each.  One was almond for the rice bags and the other peppermint.   The material was mostly what I already had on hand along with the rice.  I went to a local store that has bulk items for the barley.

I put two rice bags and one or two of the barley bags along with some of the glade soy products that I had picked up this last year for either cheap or even free with coupons and sales.  I put them all in a basket with burlap as a liner.
The final result, I think turned out really homey and cute.  I made my own tag with scrapbook paper and a sticker letter of their last name.  Sorry I didn't get this out before the holidays, but I think they are still a great idea for use around the house.  My dh has had a stiff neck and has been walking around with the rice bag on him all the time.  He love's it!

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