Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Winter Sowing Follow-Up

Do you remember our experiment in winter sowing?  Well, we are starting to put plants and early seeds into the garden this last week, and had to check our winter sown seeds out.  Here is what the cabbage looks like in the winter sown containers.  The great thing is that they are outside already, so a transplant to the garden will be  a smooth transition for them.  We will keep a bottle cover on them for awhile, as we still have chilly nights, and who knows, maybe even a freeze yet.  I'm very excited that this worked for us and my 5-year old is very proud of his cabbage that he grew.

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  1. This is a great idea! I went back and read your original post as well. Here are a few silly questions: 1. Did you water them, or did the bottles retain moisture without watering? 2. Did you ever put the caps on, or did you leave the tops open? Thanks in advance for your help! amy at redchairhomeinteriors dot com


  2. very cool! i will be doing this next year for sure..

  3. I have to admit that my winter sown plants are doing waaay better than my indoor sown seeds. I lost almost all of indoor seedlings to a curious pup and what I am guessing was damping off. :( So I have been planting more and more seeds outdoors as I found containers to let me do so. Some seeds haven't sprouted and they have been outside since March so who knows. My first time doing this so it's an experiment. Thanks so much for pointing me in this direction. I have shown my little milk jug/soda bottle greenhouses to everyone that comes over. They kind of look at me crazy, but then when they see my 6" tall tomato plants they actually start asking questions! I have a couple pics posted on my blog too if you want to see. I am going to be putting more up this Sunday. Every Sunday I do a gardening/outdoors post through the summer. See ya around!


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