Sunday, July 11, 2010

Old Window Dry Erase Board

I had to share another one of my old window uses (if you didn't see my Recycled Window Greenhouse go here.)  I have been feeling more generous with my old windows now that my greenhouse has been finished, so I've been looking for ways to use the windows before Mr. Right takes them to the dump!  (Not to worry - I won't let that happen!)  Anyway, I was looking for something for my mom for Mother's Day and thought of making a window into a Dry Erase board! Here's what I did:

  1. Clean the window and frame up, scraping off all the loose paint. I'm leaving this one to look like an antique old and worn.

  2. Sweet talk Mr. Right into adding some some window caulk onto a couple of places on the back where the glass was coming loose. 

  3. I measured out scrapbook paper to fit behind the windows. 

  4. I decorated the paper up with embellishments and a photo collage (that I got free from Walgreen's on one of their free promotions) and put them on the paper.  My mom is a realtor, so I made this one a "Dream Board" so she could write out her goals & dreams on the bottom pane, and enjoy pictures of the kids on the top frame (sorry you can't see the cute kids on top, but believe me - they're cute!)

  5. Tape the scrapbook paper in place.

  6. Modpodged (I don't think that's a word, but it should be!) 5 clothespins with Paper Ribbon and Buttons & Flowers.

  7. Used Gorilla Glue to attach the clothespins across the bottom for notes and stuff.

I gave Mom a new pack of Dry Erase Markers to go with her new board and Viola! I think she has a really cute Dry Erase Board for her office!
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  1. What a great use of an old window! And what a great gift for your mom!! You did a great job!


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