Wednesday, November 3, 2010

New Closet!

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We have been slowly, but surely finishing our basement as we have the cash to pay for it.  We got our kids room together so they are functional for them, but the list of things yet to do seems endless.  They have painted walls and doors, but everything else needs to be completed, although it is mostly decorative, such as all the trip and doors on closets, etc. 

This last weekend, there was a lone rummage sale around the corner from our house, so I just had to stop when I was running an errand.  I saw some bi-fold doors for a closet for $35 and thought they would be the perfect thing for my son's room!  I had to do my errands first, so went back about an hour later with my husband to look at them.Here is the closet before.  I made these wonderful curtains and a set to match on his windows, but as boys usually are, the rod got yanked on and it looks sort of messy with that rod all bent up!  Boys!  I knew when I hung these that this would happen, but this was all we could afford at the time.

One of the things that wasn't done was the trim around the opening to hold the hardware, so we put in plain pine boards for that.  We were trying to keep costs down on this project, so spent $30 at Menards for hardware, track, and pine boards.  We figured the pine would work, since I plan to eventually paint everything white somewhere down the road.  (When we have money for the white paint!)

Here are the doors after they are installed!  I offered the lady $20 for them and she didn't hesitate to take it!  I am so proud of this great fix up, as the doors alone would have been over $230 in Menards for new!   One of these days, we'll do the trim and then paint everything, but for now, what a difference bi-fold doors make!

Let me know what you think!

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  1. Nice-- we are gearing up for a closet-door makeover wish I could find a great deal like this!

  2. That looks really nice. Great job! I love the color.

  3. Great looking doors for only $20!!!!


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  4. What a deal!! I am looking for doors for my son's room & I love what you've done. Great job! Jen

  5. Nothing like a good bargain! Great score!


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