Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Saving Christmas Link Party - Week #6

I was very excited when I ran across this cute ornament on a blog and I ran and made it right away.  I almost always add projects I do or want to do to my favorites list, so I can give the person a shout out about it.  I cannot find the original blogger on this one!  I apologize, but please comment below if you know where it came from, so I can give a proper thank you to her!  She had a wonderful step-by-step tutorial too!For my gift this week, I made an ornament to put on the Apple Pie Fillings that I made.  Wal-mart has metal baskets to carry canning jars in both the small size and the large size for between $8-$12.  I wrapped the jars and and a box of pie crust and put them in each basket and then topped it with my paper ornament. 

This ornament was simple and free.  I used strips of left-over Christmas paper from last year and folded them back and forth like a fan.  Then put two circles of papers that match on both sides of it and hot glued a button on top.  The great thing is that I did this to both sides, so the ornament is double sided.

So here it is, the Saving Christmas Linky Party.  Please link directly to your link and then link back to mine.  Also, be sure that they are ways that you are saving money for Christmas presents this year!  Thanks!


  1. Glad to hear that my blog was inspiring to you today, and would love to hear about what you share with your MOPS group. I was involved in MOPS for many many years.

    So glad to find your blog. I look forward to reading more, and hearing about all of your money saving tips.

    I also was a CM consultant for quite a few years, so it looks like we have much in common.

    Hope your week is blessed!

    Laurel :)

  2. Really cute. Love the colors and textures. Paper is totally *in* right now!! :-)


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