Sunday, December 26, 2010

Baby Gifts

A friend of ours had a baby girl just before Christmas, so amidst all of my Christmas present makings, I made her a gift too!  I made a couple of burp rags from some leftovers from past projects.  I think they turned out really cute!I used a towel on the back side of these.  I have tried many different burp rags out now, and this is the version that I really like to use.  The towel makes it absorbent, and the pink cotton makes it pretty.  I also sewed a seem down the middle so that it stays together and folds nicely in the middle.

Of course, a girl has to have a headband to match to go with it!  I made a headband out of a white knee high nylon.  I then made a couple of barrettes with a rosette on them to go with it.  This way, they can change out the barrette and use the same headband for different outfits.

I hope that they like them!


  1. Home made gifts are always the best. These are just adorable. I remember when my boys were infants I could never have enough burp rags, these are much, much nicer.
    Thanks for sharing. I came over from Metamorphosis Monday.

  2. They are so cute and useful. I'm sure she will be thrilled with them. Have a great day.

  3. You are so crafty!! They are so cute!!

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