Monday, March 7, 2011

100th Follower!

I finally made it!  I made it to 100 Followers!  I am so excited that Erin from Stillwater Story decided to follow my blog and put me into the triple digits! I went over to Erin's blog right away and checked her out.  She is so adorable and I love what she's done to her kitchen!!  I am trying to work up the guts to paint over my oak cabinets (that we paid extra to upgrade to) and get rid of the country look around here, but I just haven't quite gotten there.  I am definitely a new follower of hers.  I plan to send her a gift as a special thank you for taking the plunge!  (Note to follower number 200! lol)

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  1. Čestitam ti na 100-tom sljedbeniku.Ja imam 102...


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