Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Toys-R-Us Shopping Trip

I don't know if you are on the Birthday club for Toys-R-Us, but we have several birthdays in the next few months, so we get cards from Toys-R-Us for their birthdays.  Over the years, it's been several different things.  This year, we got cards that give $5 off a $25 purchase.  I had also gotten a coupon from the Crayola company directly, because our Crayon Maker started on fire inside (yes it did! )  When we called to complain about it, they sent us a coupon for up to $20 off any Crayola item.  I've been waiting for just the right deal to use that coupon, as I didn't want to use it on something that was under $20 or it would be a loss.

This week, Toys-R-Us has all Crayola products on sale for Buy One, Get One Free!  In addition to that, when you purchase $9.99 of Crayola products, you get a free game mat, valued at $13.99!  So here's my deal:  I bought the Glow Dome for $24.99, giving me the Color Explosion Glow Board for $22.99 for FREE!  Then, because I got more than $9.99 in Crayola, I got the Game Mat for FREE too!  They took off the $20 coupon, and then a $5 off $25 birthday coupon.  I did add a three pack of Bubblicious gum on clearance for $98, just in case my purchase wasn't over $25, for the $5 off.   

All four of  these items retailed for $62.95, but I paid $2.15!  That's right you read it right!  I got it for just over $2!!!  I can't begin to tell you how wonderful it feels to have two of my kids Christmas presents already for so little money!  When I got home, my hubby balled me out, because the kids actually got $3 off cards from the same club for their birthday, and I didn't use it. lol.  I may have to do some more Crayola shopping with these cards, because BOGO Free deals are a great way to get a nice gift for younger kids for birthdays and Christmas.  Just when will I go to Onalaska again....

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