Sunday, October 23, 2011

31 Days: Day 23 - Scrappy Cards

Today's gift idea should be a quick and easy way to use up those paper scraps that anyone who does cards or scrapbooking would have around.  I don't always give enough credit to a scrappy, quickly made card - I often think I need to spend all kinds of energy coming up with some beautiful, many layered card, but the truth of the matter is, most people would be thankful to recieve a personalized, simple card.

I had a few of these blank cards cut using the Border Maker System because I was showing people this great new tool.  (I am an Independent Creative Memories Consultant, so I do make a portion from the purchase made from the link.)

I used my Cricut and the Zoo Day Cartridge to cut out five J's for the person's first name that I want to give it to.  Then, I just used all scraps from the same fall paper pack that I knew would all coordinate.  Nothing complicated - just put them together.

For this card I wanted to show off the edge, so I put a strip of paper behind, on the inside of the card.  Note to self - when you put Tape Runner Tape on the paper, that same side is what will show through!  I put it on the wrong side first!  No worries - it's a scrappy card!

Just a chunk of paper under the J.

I used the Tearing Tool to make the edges on these papers.

Another swatch of paper...

Another Tearing Tool edge.  Sorry for the bad photo - the next one is clearer.

Tie them up in a bundle with a ribbon or raffia or twine - and give it to someone special. It is sure to please!

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