Monday, October 31, 2011

31 Days: Day 31 - Reusable Snack Bag

It's really hard to believe that today is the last day!  It is sort of bittersweet - it will be nice to take a day off, but it was very exciting to come up with new ideas each day.  It has been a big challenge to keep up and yet this has really challenged me to find my creativity.  I feel much more comfortable with my creating!  

Today's should be something huge, but hey - I'm all about keeping gifts real and simple.  This one in fact, is very practical, but I think that any Mommy or young one will love to have these cute little snack bags that are reusable.

Last Friday, a new cereal box was opened (OK, this happens about every other day here.) but I asked my son to wash out the bag inside the box out.  I went to grab it today, and Mr. Right thought that it was garbage over the weekend and pitched it!  Well, I did what any other craft crazy Mom would do -  I opened a brand new box and emptied it into a Tupperware, so I could have that bag!
 I also took out some much coveted Packers material I've been hoarding in my material stash.
 I cut out a piece of the material and the plastic in a 12"x6" piece.
 Fold each piece in half, matching up the short ends, and sew down the two sides.  The plastic is a little slippery.  I found if I started from the fold side, it stayed together a little better.
 Press the material with the right side - but not the plastic!  This will be the last time you can press it, because you don't want to melt the plastic.
 Then you need to clip the edges of the plastic down to 1/8" away from the seam.  Put the material inside the plastic bag, lining up the seams and right sides together.  Sew around the top edge, leaving a couple of inches open to turn the bag inside out.
 Flip the bag inside out and finger press - not with the iron! Pin a 4 1/2" piece of Velcro near the top edge of the bag on the inside.  Sew close to the edge all the way around the bag, closing the opening and attaching the Velcro at the same time.  Sew another seam all the way around the bottom of the Velcro.
 Here's what the inside looks like - all water proof and food safe, because Cheerios come in this bag!
 Of course the outside, showing off it's Packer spirit!  Won't a little boy love this for Christmas!
I hope that you truly enjoyed this series and have gotten started on your Christmas presents.  May your holiday season be handmade, too!

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