Tuesday, October 4, 2011

31 Days of Handmade Christmas Gifts: Day 4 - Another Holiday

Today's gift for Day 4 is to consider giving a handmade gift from another holiday.  For real!  I had an aha! moment a few years ago about holidays.  Why do we always give Christmas themed gifts, but neglect the rest of the holidays?  After 16 years of marriage, it's not that I don't appreciate getting new ornaments and such, it's just a breath of fresh air to recieve something from another holiday.  Think Valentine's, Easter, Fall, Thanksgiving, etc.

I love to give fall things!  Of course, I love fall and I love pumpkins, so for me, it gives me joy to give pumpkins!

One year for Christmas, I made a pumpkin table runner, a stuffed pumpkin, and paired with it a set of kitchen towels and oven mitts (which I got on the after fall sale for nominal price!).  Everyone loved them, in fact, it's the one thing I see them use year after year.

I have also given 4th of July gifts - a flag quilt with some red, white and blue things I got on clearance.  I've been showing you my set of pumpkins that are in my Etsy shop right now.  I got the idea for these ruffled pumpkins over at Savvy Chic Home.  She made a wonderful tutorial, so I'm not going to repeat it here. 

I sew the bottom shut instead of using a rubber band, but either one works.  This set, I used yarn to decorate the stem, while some I have use twine or jute.  You can make them any color you like - oranges, browns, patterns, whatever.  I have used sticks, or cinnamon sticks or even the stems from my squash and pumpkins.

Be sure to check out my other days of Christmas Gifts, to get more ideas.  You can just hit the label below to see them all.  Also, I love to link up to my favorite blogs to share, so please check them out in the right hand column.  As always, please consider supporting my Etsy Shop for this set of pumpkins and other great things for Christmas gifts!


  1. These pumpkins are adorable! Great job! And good idea for Christmas gifts! Thanks for following my blog! I'm following you back! :)


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