Thursday, October 6, 2011

31 Days of Handmade Christmas Gifts: Day 6 - Boys Wallet

Whew!  This is truly going to challenge my abilities to get things done in time for each post!  I am finding, though that I really enjoy working with my sewing machine for gifts though.  This project I geared for a younger boy, but found that my teenager was asking if he could have it when I finished.  I did borrow the idea from another blog - Noodlehead.  Her tutorial is great, so go ahead and give her a shout out and use her step-by-step directions.A few things that I did change was to use denim instead of suit material on my wallets (The one on the right shows that.)  I wanted it to be durable, and thought that denim fit the bill.  the mistake I made was to use denim on the outside and then camouflage denim on the inside, making the wallet very thick and hard to sew on.  In fact, I had to make an emergency trip to Walmart in the middle to get new needles for my machine! 

I loved the idea of the camo in the middle of the wallet, because my son loves camo.  I think it is a right of passage for boys.

Cute how the grommets show the money through on the top. This is the wallet I made with the suit material.  I did use smaller grommets than Noodlehead did, because I didn't want the wallet to be so bulky in the pocket.  My husband always complains about the backache he gets from his wallet on one side when he sits - so I didn't want to start them early!

Cute with the cards - huh?

I also think this would be really great for a teen boy for Christmas, also.

There you go, Day 6 of Christmas Gifts!  If you don't want to make one yourself, consider supporting my Etsy Shop and giving some handmade gifts this year.  I am listing that denim wallet on the right side of the picture.  Also, show the love to my favorite blogs that I link up to by checking them out from my right bar over there.

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  1. great boys wallet! I shoudl make one for my nephew!

    Come link this up to scrappy saturdays tomorrow at!



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