Wednesday, October 12, 2011

31 Days of Handmade Christmas Gifts - Day 12 - Easy Headband

Whew!  I am a dozen days into this challenge, and find that I have actually been able to stay ahead of it!  I have really been working on my photography skills, so I apologize that this one is photo heavy, but I took step-by-steps of this tutorial for you!  I dragged out my tripod, which is now living in my kitchen to take my pictures every day or so!

I have also been learning that I need to post more often, because my traffic to the blog has increased!  Welcome to those of you that are new and thanks for sticking it out all this time, to those who have been here for awhile! 

On to the tutorial for the day!  Todays handmade gift is the easiest headband in the world to make!  Ok - a little bit of sewing machine, but really, it is so easy!

Besides a sewing machine, thread and scissors, you will need a piece of material cut to 4" X 19" piece of material and about a 5" piece of elastic.  I am using a cotton material, but you could use your imagination here.  Also, I am showing you a 1/4 inch wide elastic, but you could use up to 3/4".  I actually found the 3/4" elastic to go smoother, so use what you have on hand or like.

1.  Fold the material in half the long way with the right sides together, and sew a 1/4 inch seam along the long edge.

Here's the edge sewn 1/4 inch on the wrong side.

2.   Reverse the tube of material by putting a safety pin on one end and running it through the inside of the tube.  Press the tube flat with the seam down the center of one side.  (Some people like to put seams on the side, on the fold, but I think it looks more professional to have the seam not seen when you wear the headband.)

3.  Turn 1 inch of each end of the tube inside the tube and press it to make a nice finished end.  Do this for both ends.

4.  Stick one end of the elastic in the end and pin it down on the back side (the side with the seam.)

5.   Fold each edge of the tube in to the seam.  (I know sounds weird, but just line up the two edges in the center over the elastic and pin it there.)

6.   Sew 1/4 inch over the end of the tube, holding everything in place.  I like to go backwards and forwards a couple of time over this, slowly, so it looks neat.

7.   Place the other end of the elastic in the other end of the tube and fold the edges in and pin.  (I know, run-on!)

My first self portrait (is that only for painting?)

Please don't count the grey hairs - I earned every one of them!

So much for waiting for Christmas to give them out! lol

Here's a nice side view of the headband to see how it looks.

You can add any kind of decoration on them - like this shabby flower, or just leave it plain.  I love the fact that you don't have to figure out the shape of this headband to make it taper behind the ears!  Also, with the elastic there, all these headbands fit both young and old!   I tried the purple and white one on and found it fit me as well as my 5 year old.  If you need it bigger or smaller, you can easily adjust!

Please let me know what you think!  Also, check out the blogs that I love to link up to in the right hand column there!

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  1. Adorable. I love quick and easy projects. I have a daughter that is crazy about headbands. She wears them everyday. Thanks so much for the great tutorial. I'll be sure to be making a few very soon.


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