Saturday, March 17, 2012

New Name

I've finally decided on a name.  I just had to let all the advice that I got from my 100 Comment Post and my exhaustion from reading 137 posts to settle before I could make up my mind.  I have settled on Prairie Scraps.  The prairie is not only where I currently live, but also where I came from.  I graduated from Sun Prairie High School - so even if I'm not living on the prairie, it seems that it is a part of me.

As to the Scraps, I like it.  It often refers to "Scrap"booking, which I do a lot of, but it can really represent any scraps that I'm working with: wood, fabric, paper, even life! 

I've already change the name on my Etsy shop.  Please take a look at my shop, as we are raising funds to send my 15 year old on a 4-H awarded trip to Japan in June. Take this link to check it out:  Prairie Scraps.  I'll be changing over to a new blog and unfortunately, there's no real easy way to do that and ensure that all of you, my followers can make it smoothly with me.  I hope that you'll all make the switch.

So, I think the name fits!  What do you think?


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