Thursday, March 15, 2012

Trying to be Healthy

I hate exercise!  There, I said it!  I've tried to think of a positive way to write a post about exercise, but I can't.  I've tried gyms, treadmills, biking, walking, running, everything!  I hate it all!  Are all blog posts supposed to be positive?  This particular post, just can't be positive, because I just don't like exercise.  Plain and simple!

I've lost weight, then gained it, then lost it, then gained it, and on and on.  Sure, I like being a smaller size, but I find it very painful to exercise to get there.  So the minute I don't feel up to it, or have time for it, I quit exercise.  When the pain doesn't outweigh the benefits, I don't work out (which is most of the time!) Oh, yeah, and worse, when my father says I'm fat on the internet, I stop working out! (Not that I need an excuse, but hey, I'm affected by my parents mean comments, still! Note to parents: don't comment on your child's weight, good or bad, ever!)

Is it possible to actually not benefit from exercise?  I mean, yes, I usually take a little off, as long as I'm eating well, too.  I also know all the health benefits for the long term of exercise: lower cholesterol, lowered risk of heart disease, and on and on.  But seriously, I am in pain from exercise every single day that I do it!  I feel old and frankly, I feel like I need a nap every day that I work out.  Everyone says to just give it time and you will feel better.  I don't!  I have worked out 4-5 days a week for over a year...and I still hate it and feel in pain and tired every day!

So, back to having a somewhat positive post - I am going to try to report in here what I am doing to stay healthy.  Not necessarily just exercise, but some of the things I find helpful.  Granted - my goal right now is to just exercise 5 days a week, no excuses!  Even though I know it hurts - I know that at 40 - I need to take care of myself.   We own a good treadmill, and it's the least of the worst of exercise, so that's what I'm using.

What about you?  Do you find exercise painful?  How do you keep healthy?


  1. Well, I'll be the first to chime in. Do you like to garden? That is exercise. I have started walking a couple days a week because I read an article in my grandparents aarp magazine that said walking also builds your core muscles.

    I also hate exercise, but when I hit 40, I decided to try to do better about taking care of myself. My doc told me to get on vitamin D because many women are deficient in it. Also, I take a good multivitamin. Those made me feel better immediately. I like to do something when I'm exercising. So I totally understand what you mean. Gardening, home fix up projects, swimming... those are all great things to do. I have been trying to cut back my intake too. That's not so fun.

    Sorry about your dad. I agree comments either way are not healthy. Good luck and just remember, don't overdo it. Have fun. Hey get a Wii, that's fun!

    1. Point well taken about the vitamins - I just read an article about that - twice in one day is a great hint for sure!

      I do garden, but don't lose anything from it. Also, have Wii and didn't appreciate being obese on the screen all the time! lol

      Thanks for the encouaragment! I will keep plugging away for sure!


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