Sunday, December 12, 2010

Baby Leg Warmers

Well, since we have been pretty bound inside for the weekend for the blizzard that brought 10 inches of snow, I thought that it was fitting to share a quick and easy project that is keeping my youngest warm.  I found these brand-new children's knee highs at Goodwill for only $.99!  I knew right away that I had to make them into these baby leg warmers.  (In fact, I can't believe that Everything Your Mama Made & More has 3 little ones under three and is a single mom and is making her own leggings and writing tutorials on it!)I'm not going to repeat her tutorial, since it is so good, but needless to say - this project literally takes only 30-45 minutes at the most!  (I probably took more time because I was homeschooling, doing laundry, feeding the baby, and all the other things that are going on!)

Although these socks are really cute and cheap, I highly suggest using adult knee highs for this project.  I used children's knee highs and they fit, but are a little on the tight side for my babies thighs.  These would make a wonderful gift for Christmas, that wouldn't cost too much to make.  I think with the adult socks you could even go up to a girls size. 
  Don't you love those thighs?  This is the only time in a girl's life that you can brag about how fat your thighs and cankles are!  I love to squeeze those rolls!  OK, I'll get my hormones in check now. 

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