Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Shift Our Spending

I just wanted to encourage everyone in Monroe County to consider doing this program. I recieved this in my email. Not only do you help our community, but you will be saving gas money because you won't have to drive as far.

“Shift Our Spending” is a new campaign supported by the Monroe County Tourism and Economic Development committee along with both the Sparta & Tomah Area Chambers of Commerce. There is no cost for businesses or participants in the campaign.

The goal of the campaign is to increase in-county retail sales by 10% as a result of citizens shifting their current out-of-county retail spending into Monroe County . We are not asking you to spend 10% more, but to simply shift 10% of your out-of-county spending to local businesses in Monroe County .

Participants who pledge to shift 10% of their out-of-county purchases to Monroe County businesses will receive a keychain card to present at businesses to verify their membership. They will receive education materials and quarterly newsletters with ideas on how to increase their local spending. Participants will also be encouraged to check out the website frequently for specials from local businesses and updates to the program.

By pledging 10% of your local spending to Monroe County you are impacting local economies, taxes, communities, local employment and entrepreneurship.
Money Spent here Stays here – If residents of Monroe County would transition just 10% of their out-of-county retail spending to in-county spending, Monroe County businesses would gain an addition $4.1 Million in sales to add to our local economy.

Keeping Local Dollars in the Economy - A 10% increase in local spending will generate an over $700,000 increase in municipal tax revenues to help strengthen community development.
Friends and Neighbors – Local businesses are staffed by local residents, your friends and neighbors. You get better service from people you know and who know you. These local businesses have a wide variety of products and services, and provide our community with its own distinct character. The businesses are close to home – so you save time and money shopping locally. Treat your family to something special with the money you save!

Local business owners invest in our Community – The businesses are managed by people who live and work in our community, raise their families and invest in our community’s future. They support our churches, our organizations and our way of life. Your pledge to increase Monroe County purchases also helps ensure that businesses are able to continue their worthwhile corporate giving to our local non-profits.
Visit in support of Monroe County . Then shop Monroe County to enjoy the rewards!

Monday, May 18, 2009

FREE Ice Cream - May 30th!!

I apologize for not updating this recently, but I have been really busy with getting ready for the camping season & haven't done too much shopping lately! I also have been harvesting Rhubarb and making jelly, cake & crisps!! Yummy! Can I say how wonderful Rhubarb is?? It takes almost no care once you have it established in the yard, and you get oodles in the spring. Any extras, we cut up and package for the freezer in 4 Cup bags and Voila! We have Rhubarb treats year round!!

The other gem- zucchini! My husband cleaned the freezer the other day and found 15 bags of zucchini in there, so we have been making baked goods with that! I found a wonderful local organic farm Old Oak Family Farms in Bangor (actually closer to Sparta than Bangor in my opinion, just off Hwy 16 across from the the Rockland exit). They have wonderful recipes on their site: . We tried their zucchini chocolate chip cookies & loved them. You can see the zucchini, but not taste them!!

Anyway - onto the FREE Ice Cream - Wal-mart will be giving out full serving size ice cream on May 30th. Unfortunately, Sparta Wal-mart won't be doing it, but Onalaska & Tomah will both be doing it at their stores from 11 am - 4pm.