Friday, March 27, 2009

Piggly Wiggly Deals - March 25-31, 2009

Here are my recommendations for Piggly Wiggly this week:
  • Braeburn Apples - $.99/lb.
  • Green Grapes - $.98/lb.
  • White Mushrooms 2/$3
  • 5lb. Green Giant Idaho Potatoes - $1.99
  • Buy 3 12-Packs of any Diet Pepsi product for $10.98 & get 1 FREE = 4/$10.98 or $2.75 each (it was $.05 cheaper at Walgreen's, but I have a difficult time getting Diet Mountain Dew at my Walgreen's.
  • FC Ravioli - $.79
  • FC Chocolate Chips 2/$3 or $1.50 each
  • FC Pasta - $.79 each (lasagna noodles included!)
  • FC Quick Oats - BOGO = 2/$2.48 or $1.24 each
  • FC Ricotta Cheese - $1.49
  • FC Resealable sandwich bags - $1
  • FC 12 oz. Shredded Cheese - $1.49
  • FC 16 oz. Sour Cream - $.99
  • FC Spaghetti Sauce - $.99
  • Kemps Milk - $1.99
  • Totino's Box Pizza Rolls - $.99 -.40/2 MC = 2/$1.58 or $.79 each

There are my recommendations - sorry, not a lot of coupons, but Food Club brands are on sale. Here are my meals out of that:

  1. Lasagna
  2. Pizza
  3. Pizza Rolls & Fruit (Great for Friday nights!)
  4. Grilled Chicken (on hand), Potato Salad
  5. Baked Spaghetti
  6. Oatmeal Pancakes - a favorite around here! See for the recipe!

Updated Savings!

I just wanted to let you know that I did just update my total savings this year. I feel guilty because I have spent a $30 over my goal a week. Although, what needs to be taken into consideration, is that includes not only food, but diapers, cleaning supplies, household items, decorations, etc. I have also been getting gifts for people out of that. So, if you took all of those items out, you would probably find that my actual groceries is under $100 a week. I am certainly going to be much more aware of it since I am forcing myself to be accountable.

I apologize for not updating the blog lately, I have worked too many hours in the last two weeks to have time for this too. In an effort to pay off some bills that have accrued from my husband being injured for 6 months this last year, I have taken a part time job for 6 months. Unfortunately, it is salaried, so the expectation is to get everything done, even if it takes more than 20 hours!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Cheap Entertainment in South Dakota!

We made a trip to Mitchell, South Dakota this last weekend to meet some friends and I wanted to point out that there is so much that is cheap or free to do in South Dakota. I encourage you to try to be creative when traveling or vacationing this spring & summer! In Mitchell , you can go to the Corn Palace for Free and also see all the animals in Cabala's there! We were fortunate enough to be there during their $10 gift card give-away on Sunday morning to the first 100 customers & between our friends and us, we got $70 FREE!! We purchased a new Solar Panel from the Clearance Area for $79! (My husband also had $50 from a reward at work, so it was free along with the control module!)
If you want to go a little further down the road, there is the Wall Drug with it's free water! The Black Hills area has a lot of free education centers along the highway that you can see the beautiful sights too. From Sparta, it was only a six hour drive. Camping is a big thing in South Dakota, too, so you can cut costs that way!

Money Saving Tips Workshop in Sparta

I will be speaking at the Family Resources in Sparta on April 21st from 6-7:30pm. I will be talking about how to save money on your groceries, never paying full price, and other money saving techniques. Free Childcare is provide. You must pre-register at least 3 days before - 608-269-3151 x6116 to register.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Piggly Wiggly Deals - March 11-17, 2009

Here are some of my ideas and deals that I think are worth shopping for this week:
  • Creamette Pasta - $.98
  • FC Butter - 2/$2.98
  • Absopure Spring Water - $2.98
  • Oak Grove Gallon Milk - $1.88
  • FC Snack Dips - $.98
  • Parkay Veggie Oil Spread - $.98
  • FC Shredded Cheese - $1.88 (not as low as recently, but still a fair price!)
  • FC 24 oz. Sour Cream - $1.88
  • Bird's Eye Steamfresh Rice or Veggies - 3/$3.98 - $1/3 MC = 3/$2.98 or $.99 each
  • 6 pack Cottonelle Bath Tissue - $3.98 - $.50 MC = $3.58
  • Green Cabbage - $.28/lb.
  • Braeburn & Cameo Apples - $.98/lb.
  • Get $5 instantly off 10 Kellogg's items:
  1. Jumbo Multi-Grain Rice Krispies - $1.99 - $1 MC = $.99
  2. Jumbo Multi-Grain Rice Krispies - $1.99 - $.70 MC = $1.29
  3. Pop-tarts - 2/$4.98 - $1/2 MC = $3.98 or $1.99 each
  4. Eggo Waffles - 3/$4.98
  5. Eggo Syrup - 2/$4.98
  6. Rice Krispies - $1.99

Total = $18.21 - $5 =$13.21 or$1.32 each on average.

This is not too bad of a deal, now, I do have some $.75 FiberPlus bar coupons, which I'm not sure the items will qualify, but if they do, I will get them for even less and skip some of the other items. The only reason I am going for the syrup is because we are out!

As for meals, breakfast is taken care of! We will be having fried cabbage, potatoes and one of the hams I got for $.99/lb a few weeks ago.

Walgreen's Deals for March 8 - 15

Don't forget to check out the Walgreen's deals for diapers this week!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tuesday's Talk - Do Your Research! Walgreens

I am going to do the information on local store's here in Sparta, starting this week with Walgreen's. I plan to discuss Piggly Wiggly and Wal-mart in the next few weeks. After I am finished with this series, I will be sure to add-on any others in Onalaska/LaCrosse area that people request, so please don't hesitate to email me or comment about which you would like to hear about.

Here are my observations & experience on Walgreen's:
1. They take all coupons (except PW) including Internet coupons.
2. You can stack a manufacturer coupon with a Walgreen coupon on sales, plus send in for Rebates on the same item. If you pay close attention, will save a ton by using as many of these options as possible.
3. Register Rewards – check out those first in one transaction and then use them to pay for anything no on Register Rewards. CANNOT USE RR TO PAY FOR GETTING RR. Be sure to know all the rules and which items qualify for RR, because the management cannot correct the Catalina for you!
4. Easy Saver Catalog - There are coupons and rebates in the ES Catalog.
a. Sales go the entire month.
b. There are free things every month - so be sure to take advantage of those. If your really on a roll, you may even get a coupon off the FREE items, and be able to make money on these.
c. Enter your receipts on the Internet on each time you shop at Walgreen's so you don't miss out on any rebates.
d. Add refund to your Gift Card and receive extra 10%. Try to wait until they go on a weekly sale, before using them, often, it ends up being a moneymaker!
e. Watch the ES online, as the often add rebates throughout the month. Sometimes, a really good rebate will run a second month if there were not enough products to go around.

Overall, my experience with Walgreen's is very good! It is my favorite place to shop because of all the deals I get each week. Plan a little extra time into your shopping in case a coupon doesn't ring, etc. I have found that management here in Sparta is very easy to get along with as long as you are patient when it doesn't ring correct the first time. They have usually honored all my coupons and sales, even if it doesn't ring in right!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Walgreens Deals - 3/1/09 - 3/7/09

Go here for some really great Walgreens deals this week.

If you would like to donate some of those J&J items or the Dove items, you can drop them off at MOPS on Thursday night at Gospel Baptist Church next to Wal-mart at 6:30pm. Here is what Anna said:

I just wanted to remind everyone that we are collecting items for Brighter Tomorrows thru March 18th. Below is a list of items needed and drop off locations if you can't make it to our meeting but still want to help!

We are challenging everyone to donate something-big or small to help the cause! Brighter Tomorrows is a non-profit agency that provides services to victims of domestic violence and sexual assault in Monroe County.
Needed Items Include:
1. Gift cards to local stores
2.Toiletries: shampoo, conditioner, make-up, deodorant, hair mousse
3.Feminine hygiene products
4.Paper towels, toilet paper
5.Baby supplies: diapers, baby wipes, baby food, baby formula
6.Kitchen supplies: dishes, pots & pans, silverware & small appliances
7.Linen, towels & bedding
8.Laundry detergent & cleaning supplies
9.Slightly used furniture
10.Art & craft supplies

Drop off Sites:All American Do It Center--Culver’s of Sparta--Family Resources of Sparta Family Resources of Tomah--Ginny’s Cupboard--Gospel Baptist Church Kwik Trip (Black River Dr.) Lyn’s Hair Salon--Monroe County Human Services (3rd floor)Piggly Wiggly--Walgreen’s of Sparta Sparta Schools: Administrative Center--Lakeview--Lawrence Lawson--Maplewood Southside

Tuesday's Talk - Plan Your Meals Around Sales.

This one makes a lot of sense if you have started exclusively purchasing items on sale with coupons. You might think that some of the things are sort of weird, but what you will find is that the cycle from season to season. For example, for the the month of January, the Quaker Oatmeal has been on sale. So, for breakfast, we have had instant oatmeal. We have had Oatmeal Pancakes once a week for lunch.

This is actually a challenge to me to find meals that go along with what's on sale. I also get excited when the new cycle starts for sales. Potatoes have been really cheap lately, so this week, I plan to put up my favorite Potato Soup Recipe for the Crock Pot.

It becomes a money saver, if you only purchase things on sale, with coupons, and use them to plan your meals. After awhile, there will be some of your family favorites, that they will even help you spot when you are in the store.

Here are some of my ideas for items that go on sale:
  • Milk - Egg bakes, baked pancakes, white sauces
  • Oatmeal - cookies, baked oatmeal, oatmeal pancakes, snack on instant packets - it's good for you.
  • Fruit - cut up and serve in small dishes with yogurt & granola on top
  • Chicken - precook 10-20 pounds in a Nesco cooker with water, onion, spices - freeze cooked meat in casserole size portions.
  • Bread - freezes well, french toast, Peanut Butter & Jelly French Toast, Toads-in-a-hole
  • Spaghetti Sauce canned - spaghetti, baked spaghetti, use for pizza sauce
  • Pasta - baked pasta, tuna/ pasta salad, tips & gravy over noodles
  • Eggs - egg bakes, egg sandwiches, egg salad, deviled eggs
  • Cereal - besides the obvious, energy bars, chex mixes, trail mix

Obviously, this is not everything, but at least it gets you thinking. I would love to hear any of your ideas or if you would like recipes, let me know & I can post them soon.

Monday, March 2, 2009

FREE Movies in Redbox for March!

I just got an email from Redbox that if you go to their blog in the month of March on Wednesdays, they will give a code to get a free Redbox movie on Wednesdays! Here is the blog: You sure can't beat a free movie night!