Friday, December 31, 2010

Top 10 Projects for 2010

I thought I would share my favorite Projects for the year of 2010.  (If you want to see the most popular reader posts are, they are on the left column.) 

So my #1 project this year is my Recycled Window Greenhouse.  I love this one, because it has been on my wish list for 3 years or more!  I've been begging for this for so long I thought I would never actually get it.  So when Mr. Right made this for me this spring, I was so excited about it!  Better yet - it was nearly FREE!Number 2 on my list is my Milk Can Re-Do.  Every time I drive up to my house and see this in my front yard, I grin!  I truly love this project that much!

Number 3 is a project that my son did for the fair - a Recycled Headboard Bench.  It even got a blue ribbon at the fair!

The fourth project was done by my daughter for the fair also (and earned her a blue ribbon, too!).  The Book Wreath was a project that frustrated both my daughter and I to make between wanting things perfect (me) and getting burned (my daughter).  All in all, I love this one on my wall! 

Number 5 is not a project, but an event - meeting and hearing the Duggars speak at a Ladies' Conference.  They were so real and inspiring that it is an experience I will never forget.  Unfortunately, I had to remove the post, as this post got some really negative comments that I couldn't get rid of.  I'll just share the photo here and say, I had a blast!
Project number 6 is my Car Cozy for Christmas presents this year.  I just think these turned out so cute!  Don't you?

I chose number 7, because I just love my baby's thighs to death!  These Baby Leg Warmers are both adorable and practical.

The Buttercup Purse is such a great and easy purse to make and makes number 8 on my list.

I seem to be a fan of bags this year, but my number 9 favorite project is my Capri Sun Bag that I made for my sister-in-law for Christmas.  I am getting orders for these right now and she has been approached by people when she's out with it to buy it from her on the spot for $40!  How fast can we drink Capri Sun?
My number 10 favorite project this year has been Burp Rags burp rags for my daughter and for gifts.  I have tried several different versions and this has been my favorite!

So there you have it, my 10 favorite projects for the year 2010.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.  I pray that you have a Happy and Blessed New Year!

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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Saving Christmas - Week #10

It's not that I want to prolong Christmas anymore, but I did want to give you a round-up of the rest of the projects that I made people for Christmas this year.  I am proud to say, that my goal of making everyone on my gift list a gift instead of buying gifts was achieved, except one!  (My niece is so hard to figure out at the age of 10 - she's not girly and not into the toys too much more, so I gave her the Monopoly U-Build game.)

So, back to the subject, here's the projects that I made.
I made this Boxy Dopp Bag from Kojo Designs for my brother for Christmas.  I put shave cream and razors in it for him.  I also gave one to my 14 year old son, but gave him travel shampoos and such.  (He's not quite shaving yet, and I'm not quite ready to let him!)

I was actually able to make this for very little, as I used a skirt that I had bought and never worn.  It is made out of a black pin-stripe material and used the silky lining of the skirt for the lining of the bag.  The only thing I paid for was the zipper, which was more difficult to find than you might think!  I did end up shortening an 18" zipper to the 14" I needed.

I did make some changes to the bag featured on Kojo Designs by making all the rough edges facing each other and inverted the bag on itself (a little complicated to figure out, but once together makes the bag look more finished.)   The other change I made was not to have the strap on the side, but inserted it into the end of the bag.

I made this knitting needle and crochet needle roll for my Mom.  I wasn't sure if she had one of these, but couldn't remember seeing one for her.  What I liked about this bag was that it was for both the knitting needles and the crochet needles.  It as small and big pockets and should even have storage for the round needles for knitting and for her scissors.

Again, I was able to make this out of materials I had on hand, so the cost was nothing for me.  The prints were all from the Daisy Kingdom pattern.  Funny that I had these all from several different places.  I am thinking about adding these to an Etsy shop that I am hoping to open in the next few weeks, so please let me know if you'd like one!

The roll all rolled up.
I made little hand warmer rice bags for my hubby when he goes hunting.  Again, this was made from two different pairs of holey jeans that I have around and then of course rice.  I will be making up a tutorial of this project, because it is really quick and satisfying to make.

This last summer, my kids made a small purse and a pencil holder out of Capri Sun boxes.  My Sister-In-Law has been saying that she wanted a bigger bag for herself, so this one I made for her last minute.  I think the most difficult part of this project was trying to keep all the Capri Sun boxes to make it. 

Side view of the Capri Sun Bag

Close up of how I attached the handles.  I wanted to be sure that they stayed on when it is filled.

A sneak peak at the bottom.
 Well, I think that about covers it.  I should really include a picture of my craft room, as it looks like a tornado went through it with all of these project being created.  I hope that you enjoyed this series and look forward to seeing any more of your projects that helped you Save for Christmas this year.  I think we had an all time savings because I finally tried to be OK with just giving handmade gifts this year.  I always feel guilty and end up buying things to go with my handmade gifts.  My husband is off work for a month right now, so this forced me to be creative, and I think that it really came out great.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Baby Gifts

A friend of ours had a baby girl just before Christmas, so amidst all of my Christmas present makings, I made her a gift too!  I made a couple of burp rags from some leftovers from past projects.  I think they turned out really cute!I used a towel on the back side of these.  I have tried many different burp rags out now, and this is the version that I really like to use.  The towel makes it absorbent, and the pink cotton makes it pretty.  I also sewed a seem down the middle so that it stays together and folds nicely in the middle.

Of course, a girl has to have a headband to match to go with it!  I made a headband out of a white knee high nylon.  I then made a couple of barrettes with a rosette on them to go with it.  This way, they can change out the barrette and use the same headband for different outfits.

I hope that they like them!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Saving Christmas - Week #9

I know that the felt food is old news on the blogs, but I still think they make great gift ideas.  I wanted to share what I am making for my daughter for Christmas this year.  I made breakfast!  I have never made any of these felt sets yet, so I think that she will love them. 
One thing that I did learn about making these is to cut them a little bigger than you actually like and sew them together.  Then go back afterwards and trim any uneven or rough edges to make the items look finished and clean.  Just my thoughts on the projects.  I didn't use any particular blog, but really just looked at many of the different felt foods out there and took what I liked.

These were really fun to make and extremely economical for a gift!  You could really get a lot of bang for your buck.  I still would like to make a sandwich and chips set with a lunch bag, but if I run out of time with all of the other things that I am making, so be it.  I can always make some later.

I hope that you all have a very blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year!  (I do plan to be back before then, but, if you don't make it back, I wanted to wish you well!)

Make sure to link up with your Saving Christmas Ideas.  I love to see what everyone comes up with!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Saving Christmas - Week #8

I signed up for the Homemade Gift Exchange and was paired up with the wonderfully talented Jordan.  She is extremely talented and only 16 years old.  She sent me this great notepad and key hanger for my gift!  It says live well at the top, under a flat marble.  That's a Post-It Pad that can be changed out and a pencil under a button - very creative and cute!
 At the bottom, there are two pegs for keys to be held.   This was made in my favorite colors (and Jordan's favorites) pink and chocolate brown.
Thank you so much, Jordan!  I love this by my back door!  It's nice to be able to find my keys and have a place to write some notes down in a hurry.  You thought of everything and it's adorable!
This is what I made for her.  I found this pattern and knew that it was perfect for Jordan when my 12 year old daughter said that she loved this purse!  You can check out the great free pattern and tutorial here.

Here's the lining that I put in it.  I love the way this purse looks so professional and is quick and easy to make. 

Of course, while I was making one for Jordan, my daughter was almost crying, because these are her favorite colors and she loves this purse.  I snuck away and made here one for Christmas, but instead of putting the flat rectangle under the button, I made a rosette to go under a larger button.  The one thing I did do, was use some fabric glue to make sure that the rough edges of the rosette stays put.  I was worried about the fraying.

So my third purse, I made for my brother's girlfriend.  I had an inspiration moment for her Christmas present when I was digging through my craft closet and found a bag of upholstery fabric samples that I had picked up for free at a quilting class last year.  I was going to make the square book bags that they suggested at the class, but started thinking about this cute purse for that fabric.  I was able to use 3 swatches of the fabric that matched to complete the purse.

I did change the clasp.  The magnetic clasp on the pattern is something I can't find for any cheaper than $4.50 in my area.  In the mind of frugality, I tried out a button with a ribbon strand to hold it shut.  This option only cost me $.99.  I really like how it looks, but I am still going to try to find another option that is more readily available.

Here is the inside of the purse with the pocket.  I actually used a scrap from the outside of the purse for the pocket - so it was a little different size than what the pattern calls for.  Sometimes a girl's just got to wing it!  I'm pretty proud of this one, because when Mr. Right saw it, he said it looks so good I could sell it.

So there it is, my 8th Homemade Gift idea that is helping my family Save at Christmas.  Please link up your ideas for Saving Christmas and give me a shout back with a direct link back.  

Baby Leg Warmers

Well, since we have been pretty bound inside for the weekend for the blizzard that brought 10 inches of snow, I thought that it was fitting to share a quick and easy project that is keeping my youngest warm.  I found these brand-new children's knee highs at Goodwill for only $.99!  I knew right away that I had to make them into these baby leg warmers.  (In fact, I can't believe that Everything Your Mama Made & More has 3 little ones under three and is a single mom and is making her own leggings and writing tutorials on it!)I'm not going to repeat her tutorial, since it is so good, but needless to say - this project literally takes only 30-45 minutes at the most!  (I probably took more time because I was homeschooling, doing laundry, feeding the baby, and all the other things that are going on!)

Although these socks are really cute and cheap, I highly suggest using adult knee highs for this project.  I used children's knee highs and they fit, but are a little on the tight side for my babies thighs.  These would make a wonderful gift for Christmas, that wouldn't cost too much to make.  I think with the adult socks you could even go up to a girls size. 
  Don't you love those thighs?  This is the only time in a girl's life that you can brag about how fat your thighs and cankles are!  I love to squeeze those rolls!  OK, I'll get my hormones in check now. 

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Redbox 3 for $1

I thought I would share with everyone that there is a Groupon right now for 3 movies for only $1.  Once you pay for this item, you will have until March 10th to use it.  Like Mr. Right said "It's only $.33 a movie!"  Use this link: Redbox - 3 for $1!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Lordy, Lordy Look Who's 40!

On top of all the other things that I have been doing, my Mr. Right turned 40!  I just had to share his cake that my 12-year-old made for him.
I know, 40 isn't that old, but you have to understand that Mr. Right starts making a big deal about his birthday months before, no matter how old.  (Which is funny because he has been known to say he wants something for his birthday the week of my birthday and doesn't have mine yet!  OK - whole different post!)

This tombstone cake was extremely easy.  We made a 9x13 Chocolate cake and cut off the top two corners in a rounded shape.  My daughter did the lettering (she has a letter stencil for this, but was in too much of a rush to drag it out, I guess).  For the life of me, I couldn't remember what RIP stood for until the next day, but finally figured out that it means Rest In Peace!

In addition to this great cake, we also put out a sign in the front yard with a spotlight on it (Mr. Right comes home at 12:30am) that says Lordy, Lordy, Look Who's 40!.  We had his tool box at work decorated with balloons and a big banner too!  Then we asked our friends to drop by any gifts to help him into his old age.  He got a cane, hair regrowth, and a dry erase board to write down things before he forgets them. 

On the nicer side, the kids and I made an album with 40 pages and each page featured a reason that we love him.  I'll have to take pics of that soon and get them up so you can see it.  All-in-all, these were all budget savvy ideas for a big birthday milestone!  Happy Birthday to the love of my life!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Saving Christmas link Party - Week #7

I have been trying to post new cards I make each week since vowing not to buy cards again!  You might not have noticed that it's been awhile since I have had any cards on the blog.  Never fear, I have been making a ton of cards for gifts!  I signed up for the Craftaholics Anonymous Handmade Christmas  - twice, somehow!Since I'm not real sure how I did that, I decided to go ahead and do both!

The first gift that I made and sent out was a set of handmade cards.  Who doesn't love to have their cards all ready to send out as needed?  Well, hopefully, Melissa likes them.  I thought I would share them with you here.  Please let me know if you need any details on these, I'm happy to help!

Here's how I bundled them all up.  I made a tag that says "You're a wonderful reason to celebrate."
Birthday Card

Get Well Card

Inside of Get Well Card - "If wishes could make you well - you'd be better already!"
Happy Birthday Card

Inside of Happy Birthday Card

4th of July Card

Valentine's Day Card

Baby Boy Card

Baby Girl Card

Twas the Night Before Christmas Card

White Christmas Card

Merry & Bright Card

Noel Card
I hope you enjoyed them.  I've been working hard on this set, and also designing cards to be donated to Kidslink Downrange, too.  I'll be featuring that and the gifts that I receive in the next couple of weeks, so please stay tuned!  Please link up all your Saving Christmas ides here and link back to my blog!  I can't wait to see what all of you are working on.