Friday, November 13, 2009

Pumpkins in Review

I have been in a Pumpkin phase this year!  I'm not sure why, but I really have been making quite a few pumpkins with all my projects going on.  I thought that I would share the ones we've made, before we are fully into the Christmas phase of crafting.  Ok - so I have been making my Christmas presents in a rush this week, because my brother and his family are going to celebrate on Black Christmas  Friday with my Mom.  I don't want to pay shipping, so I am getting that to her before then, so it costs us less!

Anyway, back to the pumpkins in review.  I thought I would feature my pumpkins here to brag, since I get no feedback from my dh or kids.  In fact, they think I'm a little weird on this!
I had to make one of those wire pumpkins that were featured on a great tutorial here by Shades of Pink.  This was really simple and cost me nothing because I begged my dh to find me some wire at work (he's an auto technician).  He actually found it right away that night!
The next pumpkins were cloth ones that I ran out right away and bought the material for them, but then I didn't make them for a few weeks!  Shame on me! 

I found quite a few tutorials on these, and I am sorry if I don't site the source here, but kind of used all of them in my head as a guide!  What I did was cut out a circle the size of my dinner plates, basted them with dmc floss, put rice down in the bottom for some weigt and then stuffed them with Walmart bags.  A little hot glue to hold both sticks and stems on them.  The two you can see closest are stems from acorn squash that I saved.  The far one (barely visable) has a stick.  I liked both ways, although, I might suggest dressing up the stick with some raffia or something.  The dinner plate size was amazingly small for a pumpkin, but I think they look great on my candle holder that I got at a church sale for $.50!  Not bad, huh?

Next are my favorite - the scrap wood pumpkins!  These scraps I keep bugging off my dh (he keeps trying to throw them away).  I painted them orange with acrylic paint (which was very bright).  I thne took brown paint and dry brushed it on all sides and then wiped it off before it dried.  Glued on my sticks, and put bows with raffia on them.  Oh, this was where I got this one: It's a Daisy Day.

This cute little pumpkin was made by my little 5-year-old pumpkin!  I apolgize the great Mom that came up with this idea, but, it is made completely out of recycled items - so it's free.  For us, it also was educational for our homeschool.  My son is learning to cut in a straight line and coloring too!  Those extra paper scraps that you get from printing coupons, I had saved up and had my little one cut in straight strips.  Then he colored all of the pieces on one side orange.  (They can even have the printing on them, it doesn't matter!)  Then we cut a toilet paper tube to size and glued the strips in each end.  The little piece of cardboard we cut off, he colored green and we tucked and glued that into the top.  He is so proud of this because I used it in the rest of my fall decorations!

The last pumpkin craft that we made can be found here in my potato printing project that we also did for a homeschool project!  Please let me know what you think!  I have been having a great time making all these pumpkins this year!  I am linking to:


  1. I love pumpkin season!! What great pumpkins you have! That wire one is so cool! I'll have to check out the tutorial!
    Thanks for playing along today!

  2. I have had so much fun with the faux pumpkins this year. I love my chocolate pumpkins and the lettered pumpkin


  3. I haven't made any pumpkins, but I like to pull out my various wooden pumpkins that I've purchased through the years. You came up with some good ideas.

  4. I love those square pumpkins - so fun to make!! I got the same idea of the same site and made my own!! Then all my friends and family got hooked and made some to - love your fun ideas !!Thanks

  5. All great ideas. I have fabric pumpkins but I have been wanting to do the wire one and I have so much scrap wood. Thanks for the clever idea!

    Thanks for sharing your creativity in the DIY holiday party too! :)


  6. Great pumpkins! The wire one is awesome!

  7. I did a whole post on pumpkins.... we gold leafed several this year!!! It's so fun to do new things with them!


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