Sunday, March 14, 2010

A Beautiful Day for Painting!

Finally, we had a day nice enough to do some spray painting!  It's so hard to wait for all those project that I come up with in my head, that seem urgent, but of course, the weather is not nice here in Wisconsin!
It almost seemed decieving when the thermometer in the truck said that it as 63 degrees at noon on the way home from church!  So here was my first project that I needed to do.  I picked these up from a friend that no longer wanted them.  I couldn't leave free ... but they were really ugly!I decided to start with the three best ones, the first two on the left and the forth one.  Because they were already painted a dark color, I decided not to use primer on them.  The burgundy/purple/brown color was darker than the grey primer I had, so why go lighter to get darker?

It was a bit windy, but since I really shouldn't be doing this while pregnant, I figured the wind made it more ventilated!  Right?  Anyway, I was again reminded why I love spray paint! 

I am contemplating painting our four house numbers on them.  I would put two on each, I'm just not sure the white paint would show up very well on the black??  Oh - and by the way, I should probably paint the milk cart red or burgandy so it looks new too, but my husband didn't like the idea!

UPDATED 3/17/10

Just an update - I did go ahead and add the numbers with white acrylic paint.  I used my Cricut to cut 5 inch numbers and 3 1/2 inch "no."  I then traced it onto the milk cans a tried to fill it in.  Now, please be gentle with your criticism of my paint job.  I am too cheap frugal to actually get a good brush and new white paint that's not lumpy to finish this project.  (OK, I'm finding excuses why I can't paint very well in the lines, but humor me, please!)  Hope you like how it looks.  I think it is really cute!

I hope you enjoy the results!

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  1. Those milk jugs look awesome! I think that white numbers would show up. Personally, I'd leave the rust on that cart. Makes it look well loved, maybe just paint the wood planking red?

  2. love those! i'm with heather, keep the cart rusty and rustic. the white numbers would look great!

  3. I love how those turned out. I have two milk cans and never know what to do with them. Great job.

  4. Love old fashioned milk jugs! They're so different!

  5. It turned out cute and a great way to display house numbers...I have two old milk cans that need a paint job!

  6. Ok Where did you get the milk containers ARUGGGGGGG! I want one!!!

  7. I couldn't leave free either!! What a deal and they look really nice now.

  8. Love those!! I have 3 on my front porch -- spray painted black of course. And great minds think alike -- cause as soon as it gets warmer -- they are soooo getting numbers!! I have been contemplating it for weeks! It is scary really....LOL!

  9. Love this ~ your milk cans turned out perfect! Great job on the painting of the numbers! ~Marcy

  10. I am so jealous. I LUV milk can! I want at least two for my porch when I live in the country... Someday! Great job!

  11. These turned out so cute! I love the numbers on them. I'm stopping by from FF.

  12. very nice indeed. I wish my neighbor would do something similar. lol

  13. These are the numbers! Thanks for linkin' up to Frugalicious Friday! And I followed too. :)

  14. Gahhhh!!! I'm trying my hardest not to be green with envy, but it's not working!!! I LOVE milk jugs... What a cute cart to hold them on as well. {{{covet covet}}}.


  15. I think your milk cans are darling! The house numbers really pop. Loving Sparta from here in little old Westby!

  16. Those milk cans are so cool! I love the house numbers. What a great idea!

    Thanks for linking this up!


  17. What?!? You painted over perfectly good rust?!?!? Hahah... just joshin' ya. Your finished version is gorgeous! The cart is the coolest thing. And your idea of house numbers? Genius. :)



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