Monday, March 22, 2010

Rummage Sale Season Begins

Here in Wisconsin, rummage sale season begins in April , but since we've been having such beautiful weather, some people will try to have some sales really early.  I can hardly contain myself, so was determined to find a sale or two.  Well, we did, but apparently, when you get your sale out first for the  season, you have a right to price your items obnoxiously high!  Anyway, the sales were pretty slim pickings, but I did find these great candlesticks.  (Please ignore the bent candles, they were all that I had on hand!)The candlesticks had price tags on the bottom of $35, $40, & $45.  They are really heavy too.  They were marked at the sale for $12, which I may have left - I know, I'm cheap, but hey, when you have 4 kids, you have more important things to spend money on than decorations.  Anyway, the guy at the sale was freezing and ready to get rid of everything and said everything was half price.  So it cost me only $6!I know this is missing something before it looks great, but aren't they a great find!

Here is my other very ugly find, but I got them all for $4!  (I started taping the mirror and realized I should do a before picture first!)  They are resin, which is a fancy word for plastic & cheesy!  The mirrors have Home Interiors tags on the back.  You know, I have Home Interiors items in my home but this is truly the epidomy of bad taste!  (No offense to those of you that have these in your house - it just always bothered me that HI would make things out to be great when they had plastic frames.)

My husband actually said he "allowed me" to get these, because he knew I would spray paint them.  Seems to me like he's not so mad at me for my constant purchasing of paints!  It almost sounds like permission, don't you think!  (Don't worry, my husband doesn't tell me no for hardly anything.  He's pretty easy to persuade in things and in no way bosses me around.  In fact, it may be the other way around!)In my entryway, I have these two very narrow walls on either side of a coat closet, which is the first thing you see when you walk in the door.  These are the mirrors that I have there, but I've known that they weren't right yet.
Here they are in the entryway.  I am going to have my daughter make one of those bookpage wreaths for in between on the door.
A close up!  Mr. Right's first was response was that I painted all that brass away, and then added brass candlesticks in it's place!  I don't plan this to be the end all, but it worked to show them off.  Also, I am really sick of the burgandy paint, though I don't relish trying to get rid of it.  I think I have a solution for it though, I am going to paint it an orange color.  My kitchen (we have open concept kitchen and living room, so this entryway is part of it) is the green in the picture with the candlesticks above.  I am changing everything to an burnt orange accent instead of the burgandy.  I know it's not a big leap of color, but at least it updates the "country" look that I ended up with by default (because that was the style when I got married 15 years ago.)  I want an update, without having to replace everything or for as little cost as possible. 

If you have any ideas about what to put on those shelves, I would love the input!  It think taller looks better (Mr. Right thinks it should be shorter so they are mirrors that he can finally use in the house! lol)

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  1. Great finds! I'm always on the look out for a large set of candlesticks. I'm glad you snatched them up!!

    Thanks for linking to CC!

  2. Great finds! Those candlesticks are great! And, for $6.00 you can't go wrong.

  3. great frugal finds. God loves him a frugal mom with 4 kids and get'n her decor diva on too. lol

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