Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Book Wreath

I know that these book wreathes are all over the blogs for awhile now, but I was waiting for the right opportunity to do this with my daughter.  I have to admit, I am nesting right now and am trying to get all kinds of projects done with my kids, so that the month of the fair (my due date month) I won't have to get all this stuff done at the last minute with my kids.  Well, I'm way to practical to not have them make things that are thrifty and what I want to try for around the house.

I started with a wreath that I purchased at Goodwill on clearance for $.50.  I had a great picture of it, but I have completely lost my SD card and even a good cleaning of my house has not resurfaced it!  If I find it, I'll add it to the post, but anyway, you get the point.  It had fake fall leaves hot glued all over it.  I had a book I got as a free demo in the mail and used brown acrylic paint on the edges to antique it.  We paniced a bit when we realized that one book wasn't enough to fill the entire wreath!  Thanks to the Dollar Store and the perfect sized book and we finished for only $1.50!

After many tears and burns, I think what we came up with was worth it.  Ok - we cried through this project, because I am a perfectionist and was having a hard time letting my daughter do it her own way.  Ultimately, I think it turned out beautiful and I didn't need to worry one bit!   I also love how they look with my new mirrors and shelves, although I like how fat this turned out, and want to move it above my tv... of course, then I would have to fill this space again!  Let me know what you think!

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  1. Transfer or copy your pictures from the SD card to a memory stick. That way you can put several SD cards on one stick. If you just copy them to the stick, you will have a back-up copy. Putting them on a stick will also allow you to sort the pictures into folders. Like subject in each folder.

  2. Thanks for the advice. I had the SD card sitting next to my laptop in the living room ready to download onto my computer, where I back-up and sort all my photos in one place on my Creative Memories Memory Manager 3.0. The problem is that in a day or so later it disappeared, which with 4 kids, seems to be the norm. I lost the card because I was getting ready to the transfer. Luckily, It was all from the last week, not last year that I lost, but still frustrating! I take over 300 pictures a month, so this might have been about 50 of them. It has to show up somewhere as easily as it disappeared. All 6000 (except these few) of my photos from the last year and a half are backed up on disks, and are stored on an external hard drive and have a whisper copy on my desktop. So really I have 3 copies, as long as I can keep track of the SD card long enough to get it loaded! lol btw - I recently lost 2 of my memory sticks too, see what happens when I'm pregnant?

  3. You did a gretjob with this. I have been wanting to try making a wreath like this but just haven't had time. Thanks for visiting my blog - hope you will come back again.

  4. I like how you have this hanging on a door - really stands out. I made one a while back and it is starting to "yellow" which I like!

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  5. Love your wreath! I've been wanting one for my living room (where all my books live) for a while, you've inspired me to make it happen!

    P.S. I'm lucky enough to have my son's 'secret room' to raid whenever interesting little objects come up missing. The boy is a mini-kleptomaniac! Runs in the family though, my little brother had a yellow duffel bag that things regularly disappeared too!

  6. That is one nice poofy book wreath!

  7. This is beautiful! You did a lovely job. :)


  8. Love the wreath - I so need some extra time to do one of these.


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