Thursday, September 23, 2010

Watermelon Fiasco

Well, I reported in the early spring here about our gardening projects and thought I'd share with you our funny outcome.  We have been so busy with the harvesting and putting things up that I haven't gotten a chance to share with you.  

Needless to say, we have been watching this grow in our garden for the summer.  In fact, my son was so excited that he was going to get a beautiful watermelon to eat.  (I thought it was a watermelon, too.)  Up until a few weeks ago, it was green with stripes, just like a melon.

Then it started to yellow and thought we had missed the window of having this wonderful fruit.  My son brought it in from the garden to ask if it was spoiled.  I told him that we could only tell by cutting into, fully expecting to find rotten melon, I cut it open.
It looked nothing like a melon.  Mr. Right tried to tell me it was a melon that turned bad or defective, but we were able to convince him that it was in the squash family.
So, we at it today for lunch and found it to be really good.  Does anyone know what kind of squash this is?  We may just call them Watermelon Squash!

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