Thursday, May 5, 2011

Bringing Spring In

OK, here in Wisconsin, we seem to be hanging onto winter for way too long!  Every little flower that comes up, I get really excited.  I am so ready to be over winter!  It has been so cold!!!  Back to bringing in spring....

Last year, I brought this screen in, because I saw that someone else on blogger land had used a screen over their toilet for decoration.  I have dozens in my back yard that I am planning to use for some project some day, so I found the one I like the most and put it up.  I like it, but it just doesn't seem like there is enough there to really make it look great.  Then, I saw the idea to hang a vase on a picture frame with a bud in it.  Aha!  I may have found the solution!   I have just the frame for this!Here's my bathroom.  What do you think about my beautiful Narcissus that is blooming in my back yard?

I used twine to wrap around it and then hang it from the top of the frame.  I liked the twine's curly ends just dangling down, too, so I left them.  I am very excited about this, as I have a lot of flowers in my yard, but I rarely bring them into the house.  The whole project has cost me nothing! This way, I can bring in just one, and "treat" my guests to a flower, since this is my main bathroom that everyone uses!

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  1. Beautiful! It's amazing how a single flower can adorn a room (or a bathroom). Wonderful idea!

  2. i like this idea. it is very pretty and can be changed out often. i think i will try this. thanks for posting.

  3. Great way to use a frame in a bit of a different way :)

  4. really cute that a screen or a pic frame? thanx for sharing...visit me sometimes. tiff from The Cranky Queen

  5. That is a window frame with the screen in it. I love it because it has the ledge on it!

  6. Cute! Great job!
    Thank you for linking up to Making It With Allie! I can't wait to see what you have for next week!


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