Friday, March 13, 2009

Cheap Entertainment in South Dakota!

We made a trip to Mitchell, South Dakota this last weekend to meet some friends and I wanted to point out that there is so much that is cheap or free to do in South Dakota. I encourage you to try to be creative when traveling or vacationing this spring & summer! In Mitchell , you can go to the Corn Palace for Free and also see all the animals in Cabala's there! We were fortunate enough to be there during their $10 gift card give-away on Sunday morning to the first 100 customers & between our friends and us, we got $70 FREE!! We purchased a new Solar Panel from the Clearance Area for $79! (My husband also had $50 from a reward at work, so it was free along with the control module!)
If you want to go a little further down the road, there is the Wall Drug with it's free water! The Black Hills area has a lot of free education centers along the highway that you can see the beautiful sights too. From Sparta, it was only a six hour drive. Camping is a big thing in South Dakota, too, so you can cut costs that way!

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