Sunday, December 12, 2010

Saving Christmas - Week #8

I signed up for the Homemade Gift Exchange and was paired up with the wonderfully talented Jordan.  She is extremely talented and only 16 years old.  She sent me this great notepad and key hanger for my gift!  It says live well at the top, under a flat marble.  That's a Post-It Pad that can be changed out and a pencil under a button - very creative and cute!
 At the bottom, there are two pegs for keys to be held.   This was made in my favorite colors (and Jordan's favorites) pink and chocolate brown.
Thank you so much, Jordan!  I love this by my back door!  It's nice to be able to find my keys and have a place to write some notes down in a hurry.  You thought of everything and it's adorable!
This is what I made for her.  I found this pattern and knew that it was perfect for Jordan when my 12 year old daughter said that she loved this purse!  You can check out the great free pattern and tutorial here.

Here's the lining that I put in it.  I love the way this purse looks so professional and is quick and easy to make. 

Of course, while I was making one for Jordan, my daughter was almost crying, because these are her favorite colors and she loves this purse.  I snuck away and made here one for Christmas, but instead of putting the flat rectangle under the button, I made a rosette to go under a larger button.  The one thing I did do, was use some fabric glue to make sure that the rough edges of the rosette stays put.  I was worried about the fraying.

So my third purse, I made for my brother's girlfriend.  I had an inspiration moment for her Christmas present when I was digging through my craft closet and found a bag of upholstery fabric samples that I had picked up for free at a quilting class last year.  I was going to make the square book bags that they suggested at the class, but started thinking about this cute purse for that fabric.  I was able to use 3 swatches of the fabric that matched to complete the purse.

I did change the clasp.  The magnetic clasp on the pattern is something I can't find for any cheaper than $4.50 in my area.  In the mind of frugality, I tried out a button with a ribbon strand to hold it shut.  This option only cost me $.99.  I really like how it looks, but I am still going to try to find another option that is more readily available.

Here is the inside of the purse with the pocket.  I actually used a scrap from the outside of the purse for the pocket - so it was a little different size than what the pattern calls for.  Sometimes a girl's just got to wing it!  I'm pretty proud of this one, because when Mr. Right saw it, he said it looks so good I could sell it.

So there it is, my 8th Homemade Gift idea that is helping my family Save at Christmas.  Please link up your ideas for Saving Christmas and give me a shout back with a direct link back.  


  1. I love Buttercup bags! I have made....hmm, I've lost count! Great little bags.

  2. Saw this on Take a Look Tuesday --- love the purses you made up --- very pretty and professional looking!
    BTW - Thanks for the link to the pattern!

  3. What a fun exchange, and adorable crafts, your purses are awesome!

  4. So fun! The purses are great! Fabulous job!
    Thanks for linking up to Making It With Allie! I can't wait to see what you have for next week!

  5. these purses turned out great! If you have a chance come link up today @ ladybug blessings handmade tuesdays.

  6. wow i love that spotty bag!!! that is going on my to do list!
    Leigh xx

  7. What a handy little note pad! and those bags are super cute!
    happy crafting!

  8. I made the buttercup bag, too! I LOVE it! I especially like the blue one you did.


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