Sunday, October 17, 2010

Fall Book Wreath

Remember my original book wreath that I did with my daughter?  Be sure to go back and check out the original here.  Well, with the fall decorataion coming out, I wanted to spruce it up a little, so I randomly stuck leaves in between the book pages to make look like the fall has arrived.  I love the pop of color, and best of all, I can remove the leaves!Oh, and by the way, my daughter got a blue ribbon on it at the fair with a comment to add some color.  Do you think that the judge knows it's in style to do the black and white?

Let me know what you think1  This one cost me nothing and I'll be trying to think of how to spruce it up for Christmas soon.  I am linking up to:


  1. I like it a lot! Lezlee and the judge is certainly now in the know, but that is what is so cool about the sky or color is the limit! Lezlee

  2. Judges are weird. I think it looks great like this but I love them better in their simple black and white goodness.

  3. I love the plain b&w look for the book wreaths, but the fall touches of color are sweet -- and after all, they are "leaves," and pages of books are also called "leaves." So, it fits. :-)

    for Christmas you could take silvery pipecleaners and curl them into, well, curly coils -- stick them among the leaves for a mono-color bit of bling.
    I know you will think of something sweet!

  4. Love it. I am cooking up a Christmas book wreath idea now.


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