Sunday, March 11, 2012

Family Entertainment

Mr. Right and I come from very different family backgrounds. One of the things that I haven't always enjoyed, was his family's past time of driving on the weekends.  His family always got in the car and would go driving just to look around.  They never had a plan or idea where they were going - they just would check things out.  Mr. Right loves to do this on weekends.  In the past, I usually put my foot down for this.

Now that we live in a new state and area, I've been letting him have an outing each weekend, just to check the are out.  I have to say, that in a new place, it is sort of adventurous.  This weekend, this is what we found:
The road suddenly ended and the that sign to the left says 'Limited Road Access".  Yes, we actually drove to the end of the road this weekend!  

My point of this post is this, taking a Saturday or Sunday afternoon drive on occasion, is a great form of family entertainment.  We will probably talk about that limited access road for a long time!  It makes for great family memories and time together.  We don't allow reading, music players or movies when we do this as a family.  Other than a few gallons of gas, this can be a great way to spend time together and get rid of the winter doldrums!  Take a ride today to see something new in your area!

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