Thursday, October 29, 2009

Fall Glue-Batik Wall Hanging

When you hear Batik, you might think it's really too hard and messy to do.  I thought the same when I received the October 2009 Disney Family Fun Magazine (which I got free!), I loved the look of the banner, but though for sure that it was too hard to make. 

My daughter and I found this project extremely easy to make and really, aside from drying time, it was extremely quick too!  For the directions and color pictures of how, please see Family Fun for the full details.  Here you can see the banner made on scrap material from around the house.  We used glue from the school supplies that were given to us by Grandma.  Then we wet down the material (after the glue was dry) and used acrylic paint (from my craft supply & I had to buy orange for $.92 at Wal-mart).  My daughter painted the colors on that she wanted.

The final step was to let the paint dry and soak in cold water to get the glue out.  Because the paint is acrylic, once it dried, it's perminant!  My daughter sewed a hem across the top, put a dowel through and used a piece of yarn to hang it up with!  The entire project cost use the $.92 for the paint - not bad! 

I think the results are wonderful and look great in our entryway, especially since I've been taking everything down to decorate other rooms in the house.  This is my least favorite area of the house right now, so I'm looking to spruce it up.  This little section is visible from the living room, but behind the door.  I see a Christmas one in the future - don't you?


  1. Fun! You could do all sorts of different seasons...and seriously $.92?? You just can't do better than that!!

  2. What a fun project to do with the kids. Mine are still out of school for another week. We'll have to try this. Thanks for sharing and thanks for stopping buy for a visit.

  3. Sorry I'm late! What a great project! It's so pretty! Thank you so much for joining the Fall Festival! :)



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