Friday, January 7, 2011

21 Days to Getting Organized - #5

I just found this 21 Day Organizing Challenge and decided that I need to at least attempt it. 

Unfortunately, I won't be starting until today, since I didn't know about it sooner, but figure that I would still benefit a ton by getting my house cleaned.  Hopefully, I can keep up since my life seems way too busy already, but hey, if I'm trying to get this done for the blog, I may be more apt to get it done!  Well, we'll see.

The first challenge I am going to attempt is challenge #5 - Under the Kitchen Sink.  I started out this challenge by checking out all of the other Under the Kitchen Sink people that took the challenge and made a discovery!  I seem to be the only person that doesn't keep chemicals under the kitchen sink!  Really?  Why is this the place for chemicals and cleaning supplies? 

Well, this made me think about what I have under the sink and why.  There are several reasons for this, the first is with little kids around, I have moved all of my cleaning supplies into higher cupboards so they are not accessible to little ones.  (This may be the only thing that I have baby-proofed in my house!  I teach my kids to stay out of things that don't belong to them, but, hey, that's a whole other post!) The other reason that I don't have my cleaning things here is that  I have a lot of stoneware that is too heavy to put into my pull-out shelves.  I feel very blessed to have all the pull-out shelves, but they do have their limitations in weight, so I had to have a place to put all my stones. 

The dreaded before picture


Here's a close up of the right side of the cupboard.  I have a rack in the back for the thinner stones to stand up in.  This is the only space that it fits in because of the sink fixtures.  Does anyone else think that this is the worst looking plumbing job ever?  I think some of those pipes could have been put in more neatly, but hey, I'm sure they didn't care if it looked pretty.

Here's the left side of the cupboard (and more of those pipes.)  I got rid of that whole stack of stones.  (oh - and that lid in the back fit into my stone rack on the other side.)  Those two big bowls are my most used bowls, so this is a handy place to keep them.

So here's my question - what do I do with the rest of this stuff?  These are my little used stones, a fold-up colander meant for the camper.  I'm not ready to part with these stones.  Am I too attached?  I use these on occasion and I hate to get rid of them!  Please, I need your input!

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