Friday, January 7, 2011

21 Days to Getting Organized - #6

Today's challenge is to clean out the dresser drawers. Well, I only have drawers in my closet organizer, so that's what I am going to do today. After many tries at this one, I finally got it done! Someone kept needing help every time I would get started! Here's the dreaded before picture. I really feel like I am coming out of the closet, here.

My closet of shame!  I really can't believe that I am putting this on the blog!

Socks and Nylons everywhere.

Don't adjust your computer, I made my unmentionables blurry.  Mr. Right wasn't real keen on my underwear being on the blog!  lol

More pj's
Boy the closet and drawers is just not something that I am paying much attention to!  Obviously, over Christmas the priority was on gifts and other things, rather than organizing my drawers.  I'm sort of ashamed that it has gotten this bad, but very relieved to be on the road to recovery in my house!  Here are the after pictures!
Isn't this beautiful!  Everything has a place and I even have room to grow!

Unmentionables again, blurry!  Imagine everything in nice neat piles!

Winter Pj's

Summer pj's - I know, most would pack those away, but really, I never know if I want to wear flannel pj's or shorts and a tank on a given night.  Is that menopause, or just nursing?

 OK, I know that these socks don't look better, but I have swimsuit in that black pile with the nylons in front of it.  To the right, my socks all matched in stacked neatly.  In the center, my onesie socks, which I hoard, because I know that my other socks are somewhere in one of the kids rooms!  Someday, they may come back to me!

So for those who are wondering, I don't have to share the closet with Mr. Right!  We each have our own walk-in in our house - we paid extra for that to be added and trust me, it is a marriage saver.  I don't go near his closet!!!

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