Friday, October 28, 2011

31 Days: Day 28 - Christmas Cards

One of the most important gifts at Christmas, and yet most forgotten is the Christmas Card or Christmas letter!  I know that many in their effort to simplify their lives have stopped this tradition, but I urge you to either continue or resurrect this thoughtful process.  If you are looking to simplify, scrutinize who you send cards to, but don't stop altogether.  This is truly a way to stay in touch with those that you may not hear from, but once a year.  My soap box is over now, and I'm going to share with you a neat idea for making a card this year!  Beware - it involves a snowman!
 I cut a piece of card stock in tan a little smaller than the 3x5 card that I decided to use.  I also found 3 buttons that are in 3 different sizes and glued them onto the card stock.  The smallest button needs to have 4 holes and glue it on as a diamond shape with the holes. Then use some DMC floss to make eyes.  What I did was make a French not out of black through the two holes for eyes and then down the other two buttons as you like to make buttons.

To make a French knot, bring your thread up through the top, tie a knot (I usually run the know through 2-3 times to make it bigger), then run your thread back through the bottom, but keeping your knot on the top.   You will also make a French knot with orange floss through the bottom of the diamond for the nose.
Here's what the back of the card will look like when you tie it all off not really pretty, but it works.
 Using the Tape Runner, adhere the snowman card stock to the card.
 I used a 1/4" wide piece of ribbon to tie a knot and glue it on the neck.  I used the  Snow Maker to cut out some snowflakes to decorate the card.
On the inside of the card, I used a scrap of the tan card stock to stamp Merry Christmas and also decorated with another snowflake.

This really isn't that difficult to make and is really cute.  What better way to show someone you are thinking of them at the holidays, and it adds a nice touch to make it yourself!

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