Monday, October 17, 2011

31 Days of Handmade Gifts: Day 17 - Tassels

Again, another late entry, but one of my children had surgery today, so I think it's warranted!  Today's is no new project on bloggerland, and in fact, many of you are already in the tassel-making trend.  I personally have never made one, and don't know anyone that has made one, so I thought I might start a local trend by starting!  I'm sure yours are all more beautiful, but maybe you know someone that would enjoy this fun little addition to their home. 

This bunch of trim, I found at a rummage sale last Saturday for a quarter for the entire bag.  Someone had meticulously removed this trim from something and kept it for a project.  I was excited to get my hands on it for a quarter!

I found this little salt shaker (also came with a pepper shaker) at the Family Dollar for $1 - which breaks down to just $.50 each!  The great thing about using a salt or pepper shaker, is that there is a hole all the way through it to string the ribbon through!  While I was there, I also found a snowman set, too.

So, I strung a piece of ribbon through a thread spool, I've been saving for this purpose, then through the shaker, and through a button on both ends.   This button prevents the ribbon from going up through the spool.

Then I glued the trim around and around and around the spool from the bottom, up to the top.  I topped the last round with a piece of decorative ribbon.

Here it is hanging from my doorknob.  I think it's very cute!  I'm hoping to sell this at a craft show in a couple of weeks.  It's great that this really only cost me less than $.75 to make! What price do you think this could go for?

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